Just a delay

THE Supreme Court decision to rule the environmental approval for the Roe 8 project as invalid is yet another delay in building this much-needed road.

Inevitably, there will be disturbance to the environment whenever human beings build or make anything. What about when the road was first planned? If such stringent rules had applied then, none of the houses in that area should have been built.

In fact, Perth should not have been built, or Rome, or any city in the world. The human race would have died out, because we did not want to kill animals for food.

As humans we instinctively do the right thing by building cities, so that we take up as little space as possible, and leave as much as possible of the country to nature.

Roe 8 is in the area designated for humans, so human interests should take precedence.

The issue is that the project will only be delayed and it will not result in a better outcome.

We will suffer significant traffic growth with greater impact on trauma, congestion and pollution during this extended period.

Jim Reddyhough, Willetton.