Dive into Ningaloo Reef on 180-degree cinema screen at WA Maritime Museum

Dive into Ningaloo Reef on 180-degree cinema screen at WA Maritime Museum

AN immersive underwater experience is coming to WA Maritime Museum, Fremantle, for the summer holidays.

Thanks to the latest dome theatre technology you will be able to jump aboard the mini-submarine Odyssea as it explores one of the greatest mega reefs on the planet – Ningaloo Reef.

The Ningaloo Reef is a vast coral highway stretching along the northwest coast of WA.

So large it can be viewed from outer space, this rich ecosystem also attracts both the largest fish on the planet and some of its smallest.

The new 180-degree dome theatre at the museum will get you as close as possible to this natural wonder without getting wet.

Visitors will witness this unique and diverse ecosystem including the annual mass coral spawning and the interconnected arrival of the biggest population of whale sharks.

Thanks to the clarity of images one of the planet’s greatest natural events will surround viewers.

One night each year, driven by the March full moon, the entire coral reef spawns in mass synchrony – a dazzling and psychedelic midnight phenomenon.

The adventure culminates with the arrival of larger-than-life, annual visitors to the reef.

Audiences will get to meander through the reef’s turquoise waters alongside whale sharks, the majestic gentle giant of this underwater paradise.

“The WA Maritime Museum is bringing some amazing experiences to Fremantle thanks to innovative technology and amazing local partners,” director Jason Fair said.

“Ningaloo follows our recent success with the Antarctica Virtual reality experience, and we are sure that Ningaloo will also be a big hit with visitors who want to experience stunning places they may never normally get to visit.

“It’s also a great fit with the WA Maritime Museum which tells the stories of our amazing WA coastline.”

This world premiere experience opens on Saturday, December 29, at the WA Maritime Museum for a short five week season and tickets are expected to sell fast.

Choose from a 25-minute experience, or a 45-minute full-length feature if you would like to dive deeper.

Perfect for the school holiday season, this unique experience is perfect for visitors of all ages.

Visitors can also enjoy the WA Maritime Museum to learn even more about WA’s incredible coastline stories.

After this season in Fremantle, the world premiere is expected to travel to domes and theatres around the world.

The film was created by Prospero Productions of Fremantle, Western Australia in partnership with international distributor BIG & Digital.

For tickets and more information, visit museum.wa.gov.au/ningaloo.