Lighthouse to Leighton: hooked since dad sent Dan to fly kite

Kiteboarder Daniel van der Sluys.        Picture: Will Russell           d446477
Kiteboarder Daniel van der Sluys.        Picture: Will Russell         d446477

THE Indian Ocean will be awash with colours as more than 100 kiteboarders compete for the Lighthouse to Leighton title.

Now in its sixth year, the race kicks off from Rottnest Island and sees competitors vying for pole position as they make their way towards Leighton Beach.

One of the many competitors taking part this year is Hamilton Hill’s Daniel van der Sluys, who is hoping the 1500 hours of kiteboarding experience under his belt will help him get an edge over his competitors.

“I started kiteboarding in 2004 when my dad got me kite lessons and I was hooked straight after that,” he said.

“I enjoy the freedom of the water, plus all the other challenges the sport has like distance racing, freestyling, free riding and wave riding.

“I’m looking forward to doing my best again and having fun.”

The race is on December 5.