Rower making waves

It has been an amazing few months for the young athlete, who won gold in the U21 Women�s single scull at the Australian Open Rowing Championships in March, leading to an invitation to try out for the national team, which she duly did successfully last week.

The 18-year-old Fremantle Rowing Club up-and-comer will now compete in the Trans-|Tasman Challenge Regatta Series in July and August in women�s sculls.

Despite the accolades that have come her way, McIntyre is still relatively new to the sport.

She started rowing in 2013 after Fremantle Rowing Club coach Chris Holliday saw potential in her and her sister Rebecca.

She said she loved being a part of the sport and was excited about being in the national team.

�In WA, rowing isn�t really a big sport so you get to know your competitors quite well, who�s faster than you, who�s slower and the people who are your speed,� she said.

�Like most other sports in WA, we’re quite isolated from other competitors in other states because of travel costs so, unlike the eastern states, we aren�t really able to race other competitors.

�I want to take rowing as far as possible because at the moment I�m still thinking I will never, ever get sick of this sport, so until that changes I�ll continue to compete.�