SOCIALS: WA Seafood Industry Awards

Naomi Bulner and Naz Danial
Naomi Bulner and Naz Danial

Fremantle fisherman Jim Mendolia received the Michael Kailis Leadership Award at the 2019 WA Seafood Industry Awards hosted by the WA Fishing Industry Council recently.

Mendolia was among 14 winners on the night and award category winners received automatic entry into the Australian Seafood Industry Awards that will be held in Melbourne in October.

Guests enjoyed an array of fresh, local and sustainably caught Australian seafood prepared by local celebrity chefs.

Pictures – Alan Chau

Rebecca Brennan and Meera Jacka
Nicole Charreyron, Yves Berthon and Justine Berthon
Morgan Hand and Ashley Wong
Matthew Carulei and Matthew Loader
Kitty Bridgewood
Hayley Vale and Janine Vale
Gurpreet Bagga and Pralad Thapa
Gavin Parish and Timmy O’Brien
Alexandra Lambert and Kelly Steele
Alex Ogg and Dave Kelly
Alex Arnup
Aiden Bell, Brad Adams and Jodee Adams