City of Swan backs Goodchild Oval development

A PLOT of land at Goodchild Oval in Bellevue will finally be rezoned from recreation to residential development.

City of Swan councillors recently gave approval for lot 239 Wilkins Street to be rezoned.

The proposed amendment to the town planning scheme will now be forwarded to the WA Planning Commission for the Planning Minister’s approval.

The City sought comment on the rezoning in July. At the close of advertising three submissions from the public were received, comprising two supporting the proposal and one against it.

Beechboro resident Grant Wilton objected to the inconsistency in zoning between City of Swan land and that in the Shire of Mundaring.

He said the land should be retained for recreational purposes.

The City of Swan said there would be enough land for recreational purposes.

Submissions supporting the rezoning were received from the Department of Education, Western Power and Water Corporation, while Perth Airport objected.

Its submission said there could be adverse implications for the airport from noise if more residential development was allowed in the area.

The City said the density of development would be addressed in future planning processes.