Dolphin entangled in fishing line again

Dolphin entangled in fishing line again

THE Mandurah dolphin freed from fishing line on Friday has become entangled in fishing line again.

The Estuary Guardians Facebook page reports it is the third time 18-month-old Luca has been entanlged.


It took two-months of tracking and rescue attempts for Department of Biodiversity┬áDepartment of Biodiversity Conservation and Attractions staff, with assistance from the┬áMandurah Volunteer Dolphin Rescue Group and Estuary Guardians volunteers, to remove fishing line from Luca’s dorsal and pectoral fin.


Volunteers have been trying to disentangle Luca again for two days.

“He is swimming more freely now but still has an entanglement,” an Estuary Guardians spokeswoman said.

“It was badly caught around his left pec flipper this time (last time was around the right) but┬áthis has freed up a bit.

“Luca is sadly badly predisposed to entanglement after being entangled in line in March.”

The spokeswoman said it was difficult to catch a free swimming dolphin safely.

Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions divers and staff with Luca on Friday.

“Unfortunately Laika [Luca’s mother] is even more wary than before as they have been netted and disentangled twice now,” she said.

“She immediately took Luca off to the ocean today to escape more efforts.

Luca and his mother Laika after he was freed from fishing line.

“We thank DBCA for everything to date.

“They have put a lot of manpower and effort into Luca for us which we appreciate.”

The spokeswoman said as a community we must do more about line and rubbish in our waterways.

“How was Luca able to swim into a large mass of discarded line again so quickly?” she said.