Perth gardeners strip off for World Naked Gardening Day

This gardener got her girls out for World Naked Gardening Day.
This gardener got her girls out for World Naked Gardening Day.

AVID horticulturalists around Perth dropped their dacks while trimming their bushes for World Naked Gardening Day on Saturday.

The day is celebrated on May 5 around the world – the official website encourages people to enjoy their gardens unclothed as nature intended.

Gardeners on the WA Gardeners Facebook group were extra careful with their secateurs as they posed for fun photos in their gardens.

“I’m having a barrel of laughs, happy Naked Gardening Day Folks,” Facebook user Dame Rebecca McKinlay wrote.


Ms McKinlay said she posed in honour of her family whom despite cancer, Multiple Sclerosis and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, keep their sense of humour.

Aaron McNamara said he had to hide from his neighbours while he planted his seedlings out.

Stephanie Teal had a great time watering the garden topless.

Emily Sherwood got cheeky while pruning her bush.

Dayton Milne spent the day harvesting gourds.

Brian Campbell got sun smartĀ and covered up with a hat while posing for this pic.

Elisa Campbell looked succulent in her photo.

Shelli Hockey’s onions did not make anyone cry.

Andrew Marshall was very careful with his pruning shears.

We gnome meant to stare, but Natalie Ong posed in some fancy floral boots.

Rachelle Snowden kept cool in the shade.

While Carol Peers had to be careful of those spiky succulents.

After a hard day of naked gardening the only thing left to do was relax, in the buff of course – as demonstrated by Sparkle Fryer.

All photos were courtesy of WA Gardeners on Facebook.