SOCIALS: Friends of Ngala host final fundraiser of year

Shelley Archer and Fiona Beermire
Shelley Archer and Fiona Beermire

Friends of Ngala hosted its final fundraiser of the year at Rambla on Swan last month where guests heard from Dr Sean Gorman, who has studied and worked in the Indigenous studies field for 23 years.

Pictures: Matt Jelonek

Vicki Smith
Tania and Aidan Wood
Lisa Ammon and John Szkirpan
Keir Louise-Loader and Sara Finlayson
Kaila George
Jan Riddell and David Riddell and Linda Onesti
Jade Farrar
Fran McCrystal, Daniel McCrystal and Lisa Rutter
Fabrizio and Rhonda Bruno
Dearne Cant and Jen Wadd
Darren Ginnelly, Shelley Archer and Russell Smith
Chrissy Calvert and Dianne Hawkins
Charlie van Raalte, Ros McLernon and Pieta Woollams
Caroline Baker
Brenda Wann and Kerrie Wann
Bec Nicholls
Amanda Woolfe, Fiona and Rodger Beermire
Alysha Lawrence and Louise Hooks