SOCIALS: Melbourne Cup event at Fraser’s raises money for cystic fibrosis research

Brian and Bev Blake
Brian and Bev Blake

The Institute for Respiratory Health’s 2018 Melbourne Cup Luncheon that raises money for cystic fibrosis research, in honour of 15-year-old Glenn Brown who passed away from the disease, was held at Fraser’s, Kings Park.

Pictures: Bruce Hunt

Michelle Ralph and Diane Carey
Jessica Duggan and Kate Dial
Anna Nowak and Kristen Nowak
Prue and Johnson Kitto
Aaron Edmonds and Cher Godwin
Abbey Sawyer
Madeline Gaynor
Linda Finnegan, Justine Wilson, Jean McLaughlin and Linda Wright
Jennifer Cartwright and Maryann Blatcher
Michelle Sturgenn
Di Homsany, Megan Kaino and Paula Sutherland
Simon and Sandra Cresci
Ann-Marie Wragg, Caitlin Jones and Anelise Edkins
Sandra and Claudia Carr
Sandra Galati, Jayde Button and Ashley Fowles
Lisa Chan, Anna Tai and Andrea Jones
Karen Leary, Julia Clark and Gail Williams