SOCIALS: WA Fishing Industry Council celebrates 50 years

Sandra Bonomelli and Linda Taddei
Sandra Bonomelli and Linda Taddei

Chef Don Hancey prepared a feast of WA seafood, including Fremantle octopus, Peel smoked mullet and Broome pearl meat ceviche, for the WA Fishing Industry Council’s 50th anniversary held at the East Fremantle Yacht Club recently.

Pictures: Matt Jelonek

Tatiana Jones and Angelique Nelson
Sue Summers and Sally May
Sheryl and Gilbert Waller
Ross and Rosemarie Cammilleri
Maria Minutillo
Lorraine Arnold, Charlie Arnold and Justine Arnold
Lenny McTaggart and Lochie Gangemi
Laura and Bryn Westerberg
Katie Hodson-Thomas and Brett McCallum
Ian Hutchinson and Melissa Chapman
Humberto and Judy Gomes
Frances D’Souza, James Tweedley and Clara Obregon
Dianne McTaggart and Penny Dobney
Clayton Nelson and John Harrison
Asher Flynn and Lachlan Boyd