The Great Debate: Toilet paper over or under?

Toilet paper - over or under?
Toilet paper - over or under?

EVERY week we debate the topics that drive you nuts – this week we touch on toilet…. paper.


Alison Middleton, Digital Editor

FOR some reason the question of toilet paper placement has become a divisive issue.

Seriously though, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Surely there are far more important matters of bathroom etiquette than the direction in which fastidious homeowners choose to hang their toilet paper.

Toilet seats left up, hands left unwashed, noisy ‘business’ and full-blown conversations held in the stalls of a public bathroom are far more annoying (and in some cases, unhygienic) than the direction that people choose to hang their toilet paper.


Jacqueline Karam, Call Centre Manager

I’m Over it

I tell you what really gets my goat; being in a strange bathroom and going for the toilet paper and realising it’s been laid under.

I find myself scratching and rolling the roll, trying to catch the hidden end of the paper.

I am a long term fan of ‘over’ placement when hanging toilet roll.

It is visible and neat and surely housekeeping standards at hotels all over the globe cannot be wrong – get over it!