Volunteer woodworkers wanted for Lesmurdie falls beautification project

Volunteer woodworkers wanted for Lesmurdie falls beautification project

THE beautification of the Lesmurdie falls upstream area is continuing with volunteer groups giving their time generously to the project.

Woodwork artist Pieter Baarspul, the craftsman in residence, has created handrails that are works of art.

He is looking for young people to join him in the design and manufacture of seating for the project.

This is a wonderful opportunity to work with such a talented woodworker.

The Rotary trail has been finished below budget, which will allow for a westerly extension.

“This will link with the Falls area and the toilets,” Friends of Upper Lesmurdie Falls president Iris Jones said.

“The Green Army has offered more support with both the purchase of plants and volunteers for planting.

“The thousand of rushes already planted in the creek bed are looking well established.”

Rotary and Friends of Upper Lesmurdie Falls collaborated in the community project on Falls Road, Lesmurdie on the site which connects to the falls themselves.

Many volunteers have cleared the site of invasive weeds and have planted thousands of indigenous plants to replace them and to rehabilitate the creek, which runs down to the falls.

Pathways are in place and are already being used by the public and visitors and the first of a number of bridges has been installed.

Mr Baarspul said each seat would be a bespoke example of the work completed with recycled timber off the forest floor.

Workshops are free, as the project has been fully funded by Friends of Upper Lesmurdie Falls sponsors.

Young men and women interested in design and/or fabrication are encouraged to be involved using bush materials in the creation of seating across the site.

The project is ongoing and the workshops will be arranged to suit youth availability.

Email ldca3@bigpond.com for more information