When it comes to iPhone photography, everyone can have a go – but not everyone can be a pro.

Beautiful Rottnest, pity about the bad booking system
Beautiful Rottnest, pity about the bad booking system

Photographer Andrew Ritchie gives us some handy tips on how to take the best iPhone snaps:

1. Give your smart phone camera lens a clean with a lens cloth – you will be surprised how much finger print smudges are on your lens. Your phone is always in hand and can be placed on a dirty bar table or café regularly. Treat your camera lens as you would a normal camera.

2. Shoot from different angles. Don’t always take pictures from standing height – lay on the ground, or say you’re taking a snap of the family pet and try shooting it from their level.

3. Turn off your flash.

4. Use the photographic rule of thirds. Composition is the key to a great photo and iPhone users can switch on the grid setting in Settings> Photos Camera and enable grid switch. This will make framing an image much easier

5. If shooting action shots, try burst mode as this will capture hard to get photos. This will take out the guess work of capturing the right time to take the snap if you’re trying to do it in single mode.

6. Experiment. If the sun is too bright for your subject turn it into a silhouette. Shoot early morning or late afternoon to get the long shadow to come into play. Place the sun directly behind the subject. Try putting some subjects in the foreground as well as the background to get depth in your photos. Use third party apps. Get in real close to the subject and fill the frame.

7. Have fun!