Alfresco dining on the menu

Matt Hayes Manager Oxford Hotel outside where the new alfresco will be
Matt Hayes Manager Oxford Hotel outside where the new alfresco will be

Vincent councillors approved the idea last week, with Cr Roslyn Harley urging support as it would attract more patrons to the northern end of the street.

Hotel manager Matt Hayes, son of Peter Hayes, who has owned the venue for 12 years, said plans for the alfresco area had been in the works for about four years.

‘The mood has changed and people like to be outdoors ” everyone wants to be sitting in the sun and relaxing,’ he said.

Mr Hayes said the hotel was ‘a middle man’, hidden between the bustle of Mt Hawthorn and the livelier end of Leederville, and hoped alfresco dining would give the venue greater prominence.

‘We want people to see that we’re actually here because many drive past without realising we’re still operating,’ he said.

‘At other places like the Paddington Ale House, patrons are right on the street and everyone can see the establishment.

‘We’re also hoping the outdoor setting will see this part of Leederville pick up and other businesses such as bars come in.

‘It would be great to have some extra people around us and we’ll feed off, and support, each other.’

The alfresco area will stretch out to the kerb like Mt Lawley’s The Flying Scotsman.

‘We’ll put in safety rails to protect people from traffic and also build a deck on the Anzac Road section, making it level,’ Mr Hayes said. ‘Pedestrians will be able to walk down both sides of the streets with implemented walkways.

‘We have a good rapport with our neighbours and no one has complained about the plans or potential increased noise levels.’

The Anzac Road section has a maximum of 16 people and chairs, and four tables, and the Oxford Street part has a maximum of 28 people and chairs, with seven tables.

The tree on Oxford Street will remain, and operating hours restricted to noon to midnight, Monday to Saturday and noon to 10pm, Sunday.

The alfresco plan is part of bigger plans for the hotel, which includes a new beer garden scheduled for next year.