Federal Election 2019: Who to vote for in Perth

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We asked Federal Election candidates in the seat of Perth why they should get your vote.

Here are the candidates who responded to our request.


A teacher and community liaison adviser, Jane has experience, qualifications and the know-how to ask the hard questions on behalf of Western Australia in Canberra such as:
1. Is it fair that WA is the only state to get less than 83 cents in the dollar of GST causing WA financial stress while electricity prices increase by 100 per cent in 10 years, and WaterCorp reduces water licences to grow fresh food for Perth’s population?
2. Why are Commonwealth jobs in defence, meteorology, the public service and the ABC being relocated to the eastern states?
3. Why should WA receive $270 per resident less in Medicare funding compared to residents in other states?
4. Have the decisions of the Family Court resulted in a good outcome for children, their parents and their grandparents?
5. Is WA’s infrastructure, housing and environment resilient enough against climate change, and what should be done about it?


This election is about Australia’s future and how we ensure a fair go for all.
I love Perth – we have a strong community and beautiful local spaces. I live in Mt Lawley where Jess and I are raising our young son Leo. Locally I have championed saving Maylands Waterland, funding Activate Perth to energise our CBD and the Bayswater Urban Forest. Your choice is clear.
If you want Perth to have properly funded hospitals and schools, not more cuts – vote Labor. If you want unity and stability, not three more years of chaos – vote Labor.
If you want real action on climate change, not more chaos – vote Labor. With your support I hope to continue to build Perth into a world-class city and the best place in Australia to raise a family.
You can see our Positive Plan for Perth at www.patrickgormanmp.com.


As a community and a country, we need to stay the course in building a stronger economy both locally and nationally, so that we give all of the residents in our community the best possible opportunity to get ahead.
The Morrison Liberal Government has made strong decisions and brought our budget back into the black, which means that we can do more locally, like investing record amounts in schools and hospitals and building the critical infrastructure that we all rely on.
As a former teacher and with a background in small and family business, I am also passionate about creating more job opportunities for young people and ensuring that local businesses are helped, not hindered, by government. I would be a strong and clear voice for Perth.


Gary Davies has 20 years experience as a software engineer, working on projects including train control systems in England, Malaysia and Sweden. He now specialises in mobile applications that help us understand our environment. He has been an active member of the United Nations Association of Australia (WA) and is dedicated to informing, inspiring and engaging the community and leaders about the work, goals and values of the UN to create a safer, fairer and more sustainable world.
Australia has the potential to provide world-class education, healthcare and social security. This can be achieved by listening to our experts and studying countries that are world leaders.
The CSIRO should be funded to collect data, provide data models and recommendations that will be implemented using government policy. Policies based on science will produce the outcomes we need to transform Australia into a successful country for all to live in.


Chas Hopkins is a local businessman, office furniture retailer, auctioneer and former Lord Mayor of Perth. He has strong, long-standing links to the local community and a record of delivering results for Perth people.
He believes a vote for the United Australia Party is the best way to break the Labor/Liberal deadlock. The major parties only fight each other and are not working for ordinary West Australians. They work for themselves.
Chas Hopkins and the UAP will work for improvements to health, education and focus on creating local jobs and driving down the cost of living, which is out of control.
Chas Hopkins and the UAP will focus on slashing energy prices immediately, provide an extra $150 per week to pensioners, as well as protecting self-funded retirees. Our aim is to make home loans tax-deductible and fight for WA to get 100 per cent of GST back.


A vote for the Greens is a vote for positive change. We are not beholden to corporate donors like the major parties.
With a climate emergency looming, we are the only party with a real plan to address climate change, phase out coal and move to 100% renewables by 2030 – creating over 24,000 jobs in WA.
The Greens will ban corporate donations to political parties, improving the integrity of our Parliament.
I will work to ensure big corporations pay their fair share of tax so we can fund essential services for everyone like free education, childcare, health and aged care. I will work to create safer pathways for refugees, raise Newstart, and protect the environment. You can’t waste your vote. You can vote for me first and give a second preference to the party you’re willing to settle for.


As a candidate for Voteflux.org, I have taken an oath to put my own opinions and interests aside and vow to vote on Bills according to the outcome presented through the Flux App.
The Flux app is a system that allows the enrolled constituents of a sitting Flux member to have their say on any Bill before parliament, be it directly or through delegation to a political party or specialist group.
We don’t claim to have a perfect solution, but we believe it is a step in the right direction and can only be improved over time.
We want to do this because we believe technology is ready and we think the current political system is flawed. MPs end up representing the interests of their parties, donors or themselves, or make mistakes due to a lack of experience.


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