Fringe World Perth for kids: the best free shows to keep them entertained

Fringe World Perth for kids: the best free shows to keep them entertained

FRINGE World is renowned as the home of the risque, with comedy and musical acts pushing the boundaries of good taste.

But the event also has plenty of entertainment suitable for the whole family – and some of it is free.

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We’ve put our heads together to come up with a list of great shows and events that won’t cost you a cent, so you can keep the kids happy and soak up some of the great festival vibes.

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Fringe World Mermaids

A fan favourite of last year’s festival, the mermaids return to The Pleasure Garden, in James Street Northbridge, promising to make a big splash with children and adults alike. Submerged in a giant water tank, the mesmerising mermaids will take a dip every evening during the Fringe World Festival.


Little Pleasures

On this Saturday and Sunday (Jan 21-22) only, at 3pm, the Little Pleasures Passport is a limited-edition keepsake booklet guiding kids of all ages around the Pleasure Garden. Receive a stamp at each interactive performance and activity point, and collect them all. This year’s Little Pleasures include: a circus workshop, silent disco and garden games.

Make Your Own Balloonie Ball

Suitable for children four and up, this event is only on this Saturday January 21 at the Sunset Veranda (Brighton Reserve, The Esplanade, Scarborough). Enjoy an afternoon of learning and mischief with the Balloonies. Make your very own mini Balloonie Ball, suitable for juggling, squeezing and catching in the air.

Pirates!! – Me Hearties

Tie on a bandanna, draw your imaginary sword and get ready to run. On for the next three weekends at Fringe Central in the Perth Cultural Centre, this event is listed as ‘pay as you feel’. Join the loveable pirates for a new adventure through the stormy seas of Fringe World.

Rhythm House

Running on January 27 and 29 at Paper Bird Books, Henry Street in Fremantle, Rhythm House evolves into an interactive concert for children. They will colour in, dance, play clapping games, sing and do some silly dancing during the concert. Sally Newman of Lyrical Infusion created Rhythm House as a workshop for children at Nannup Music festival 2014. Since then she has taught it at local music schools and community events.

Seaside Magic with the Eco Faeries

On January 22 and 25 at Brighton Reserve in Scarborough, kids can enjoy a morning of magic-making by the seaside with the Eco Faeries. Meet the effervescent faeries as they lead children in creating their very own recycled Tambourines. The tambourines are lovingly made using recycled paper plates that are carefully decorated using pencils, crayons, stickers and things found by the sea. To add some flair you can then tie some colourful yarn to your tambourine.


On at Paper Mountain, 267a William Street in Northbridge, Uke-A-Loony runs on two weekends in February (11-12, 18-19). The product of Hardey McMurrick, whose mishmash of skills have been gathered over 25 years, it involves a beautiful and marvellous story about to be played on a ukulele – but there is, of course, a problem.