Gabriella Cohen: on the road to stardom, next stop Perth

Gabriella Cohen. Photo: Kain Balzary
Gabriella Cohen. Photo: Kain Balzary

GABRIELLA Cohen is the support act at her PIAF show with American band Warpaint this Sunday night, but she won’t be for much longer.

The Brisbane-raised, Melbourne-based singer-songwriter is ensconced in the sleepy Victorian town of Seymour, recording a follow-up to her critically acclaimed debut Full Closure and No Details.

But after a month feeling the earth under her bare feet, she is about to embark on a busy year of performing – including a berth at American festival SXSW.

Full Closure and No Details was recorded in remote Queensland, and sounds – in the best possible way – like Phil Spector producing Mazzy Star’s Hope Sandoval in a garage.

But ‘Phil’ is actually Kate, Kate Dillon – Cohen’s collaborator, producer and engineer.

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Dillon handled the production reins on Full Closure, and helped create one of the great Australian albums, from the same spectral plain as The Sleepy Jackson’s Lovers.

It’s full of glorious moments, and demands to be listened to in one sedative sitting.

“Kate is everything – she is, and does, everything,” Cohen said.

“She’s one of my best friends. She’s a producer, engineer – she plays violin, she plays keys, she sings.

“We met three years ago.

“She’s the muscle behind everything really.”

Full Closure was recorded in 10 days with two mics, and although the budget has increased slightly for the follow-up, less is still more.

“Some of our friends lent us equipment, we bought a couple of things,” Cohen said.

“I think it’s still good to work within your means, work with limited resources – you get more creative that way.”

While the band is enjoying its country sojourn, the year ahead promises to be a busy one – starting with her first ever show in Perth this Sunday night.

“We did a short run of shows across the UK and North America at the end of last year,” Cohen said.

“I guess this next run of shows is about getting more experience, having more fun.

“I just want to entertain people, make them laugh and have a good time really.”


What: Warpaint with Gabriella Cohen

Where: Chevron Festival Gardens

When: Sunday February 19 at 8pm