MOP Donuts set new standards for an old friend

MOP Donuts.
MOP Donuts.

HOMER Simpson could not have said it better if he tried; “mmm donuts” is exactly how I feel every time I get my mitts on one these doughy balled sweet treats.

So imagine my delight when I stumbled in and out of MOP (made on premise) Donuts in Leederville.

Doughnuts spiked with your favourite liqueur in flavours including Limoncello Lime Brulee, Frangelico Lime, Strawberry Prosecco and of course my favourite Espresso Martini give you a nice kick and are so delicious.

Also on the menu are their donut burgers, made with brioche donuts.

While I was tempted to try the savoury morsel, I opted to stay sweet and come back another time.

My colleague however all dived into the Cheeseburger, which was filled with a black Angus patty, jersey jack cheddar and a special MOP sauce.

Describing it as not too sweet, the patty was juicy, the cheese perfectly melted and the whole thing was melt in your mouth good.

Want to get your Elvis on?

I’ve heard the Southern Style Chicken is the way to go.

Southern style buttermilk fried chicken, white rum infused grilled pineapple, maple bacon, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cream Cheese, chilli jam and iceberg lettuce.

As for those feeling a little “freaky” get your freak shake on with the most instagram-worthy milk shakes but at $20 a pop you’d want to make sure you get the money shot.