Perth College exhibiion draws former student and teacher together

Perth College exhibiion draws former student and teacher together

FINE Art At Perth College is a new exhibition that has reunited an artist and his former teacher.

Mark Tweedie, the College’s current artist-in-residence, has been running workshops with the school’s students and creating pieces for the exhibition, which opens on March 31.

Tweedie is working once again with Perth College art teacher Kathy Carlton, with whom he studied at Corpus Christi two decades ago.

“I had him in as a student in Year 9 in 1995 and in years 11 and 12. I knew he had talent and I don’t use that word easily,” Ms Carlton said.

“What separates them from the rest is not only being talented but being able to speak through their art. Skill is one thing, but they (talented artists) are communicators.”

Tweedie said that while teaching art he could identify when a student’s art “comes from within”.

“I love it. It is really great to be in the school where you can see that art is really valued. You have this great department, the space and these resources and the students are really enthusiastic about me being there and are interested in the artist-in-residency program,” he said.

Ms Carlton said Tweedie had provided workshops on a great range of things for students.

“I give them an insight into the whole process (of creating an artwork), from start to end,” he said.

Tweedie won the 2016 Black Swan Prize artist-voted award, the Tony Fini Foundation Artist Prize.

Fine Art At Perth College has a champagne opening night on Friday, March 31, at 6pm. Call 9471 2107 for bookings.

The exhibition will also be open on Saturday, April 1, and Sunday, April2, from 10am to 4pm.