Perth’s best doughnuts and where to find them

Mary St Bakery's salted caramel (left) and maple pecan (front) doughnuts are the best Perth has to offer.  Picture: Kathy Ociepa.
Mary St Bakery's salted caramel (left) and maple pecan (front) doughnuts are the best Perth has to offer. Picture: Kathy Ociepa.

Perth has a whole lotta love for doughnuts.

There seems to be a quiet revolution going on around town.

One that is fuelled silently by Instagram feeds engorged with sugary snaps of dreamy glazed or cream filled, deep fried dough.

Yes, I’m talking about doughnuts.

That long staple of Homer Simpson, Agent Dale Cooper and every kid at the Royal Show, those precious dough balls are going the way of cupcakes a few years prior and getting a big fat delicious make over.

Doughnut artisans are popping up all over Perth, pushing the creative boundaries by glazing, filling and frying their way into the hearts and stomachs of a growing legion of fans.

North, south, east and west – they are in bakeries, at suburban markets and some even deliver.

So in the interest of public awareness, we’ve put together a far-from-definitive list of the top places around town to get your sweet doughnut fix.

Obligatory disclaimer: this list isn’t exhaustive and we know there are some amazing doughnut outlets that did not get a mention. However, it is a great starting point for anyone who shares the doughnut obsession or would like to be initiated into the cult.

Perth’s Best Doughnuts 


Chu has managed to craft quite a cult following, so much so that every time I drive past it seems to be bursting with customers. They offer a large assortment of French-style baked goods, plus a small selection of filled doughnuts, (and one traditional cinnamon sugar for good measure). Buttery salted caramel, jam or Boston cream, classic flavours with a deliciously light and airy brioche dough. Their standout flavour by far is the passionfruit chilli, however the cherry jam and salted caramel varieties are equally delicious.
Tip: Time your visit to avoid queues, but don’t leave it too late in case they run out.

Find them at:
498 William St, Highgate

Mary St Bakery
The best doughnuts in Perth can be found at this bona fide institution. Offering generously sized glazed or filled doughnuts in a variety of changing flavours, Mary St Bakery knows the way to a doughnut lover’s heart. The dough is dense yet airy with a dark golden crust. The fillings and toppings are packed with punchy flavour which rates them highly on the scoffability scale (which can lead to the stomach equivalent of an ice-cream headache, but well worth it).
Tip: Head straight for the salted caramel and classic pecan.

Find them at:
Crn Beaufort & Mary St, Highgate
272 Railway Pde, West Leederville
QV1 building, 250 St Georges Tce, Perth (opening soon)

Glazed and Confused
Possibly the greatest name for a doughnut business ever. These little beauties (and they really are beautiful) can be hard to track down, but chasing them around town is well worth the effort. This small batch producer creates incredibly light little doughnuts with inspired flavour combinations. Think Iced Vovo, fairy floss, matcha vanilla bean, and baklava. Drool worthy.
Tip: Peanut butter bacon is out of this world.

Find them at:
Various markets around town; they sometimes deliver too. Check Instagram for location updates.

MOP Donuts
If there’s one thing Perthites love as much as their doughnuts, it’s their booze. So why not combine the two? Yes, this glorious idea has borne fruit and become MOP Donuts – a store that took off in Leederville and has spawned plans for more stores across Perth. Choose from incredible flavours such as limoncello lime brulee, frangelico lime or strawberry prosecco and let the doughnuts do the talking.
Tip: For a savoury doughnut treat – try the doughnut burger, made with brioche doughnuts.

Find them at:
747 Newcastle Street, Leederville.

Levi’s Doughnuts
HOT. CINNAMON. DOUGHNUTS. Did I mention they are huge too? Get them filled with hot blackberry jam or dark chocolate, or opt for the classic plain ring. Whichever one you choose, you will not be disappointed (or hungry after!).
Tip: These are not mini, but it’s still okay to buy in bulk.

Find them at:
Friday – Sunday at Fremantle Markets

Lena Lu
Italian bomboloni with densely moreish dough, filled with Italian custard, Nutella or jam, and dusted in icing sugar. Some come topped with chunks of chocolate, rocky road, M&Ms or even mini Oreos.
Tip: These babies are large. Come with an empty stomach if you want to sample more than one.

Find them at:
TGIF Hawker Markets Victoria Park (Friday), Fremantle Markets (Friday – Sunday), Kyilla Market North Perth (Saturday), Perth Homegrown Market (Sunday)

DPM Cafe
Regulars to DPM Cafe will be well aware of the fact that every Friday is Doughnut Friday. The unbridled joy that Mandurah locals receive from having a strong contender for the best doughnuts in Perth is matched only by the fact that the flavours rotate regularly. From doughnut toasties (these must be seen to be believed) to flavours such as passionfruit cheesecake with marshmallow fluff, it’s no wonder these guys are making a huge name for themselves.
Tip: Get in early, because they often sell out.

Find them at:
Shop 4/14 Mandurah Terrace, Mandurah

Salted duck egg, lemon and yuzu, black sesame and pandan. Have I got your attention? These house-made filled doughnut combos are definitely out of the ordinary, but in the best way possible. For those of you who enjoy a refreshing touch of umami with your dessert, get your hands on one of these babies and enjoy the ride.
Tip: Serving doughnuts on weekends only.

Find them at:
10 King William St, Bayswater

Chopin Patisserie
Joondalup and Sorrento have been hiding one of Perth’s best kept doughnut secrets. Tucked up in the north, Chopin Patisserie produces perfectly crafted Polish doughnuts. Not too big, not too small, they are incredibly addictive, aided largely by the slightly tangy plum jam filling that perfectly balances the sweet glaze. Baked fresh daily, it is well worth the trip regardless of where you live.
Tip: Be sure to buy an extra one for the car ride home.

Find them at:
3/143 Grand Blvd, Joondalup
2/15 Harman Rd, Sorrento

Featuring a huge selection of brioche-style filled and iced doughnuts, this small batch maker supplies its fair share of cafes around town. Add to the mix a recently opened pop up doughnut sea container near the entrance of the new Wellington St Busport and there’s really no excuse not to get your hands on one (or three).
Tip: The maple pecan bacon is an absolute winner.

Find them at:
Wellington St Busport, as well as various cafes around town including Standby Espresso Mt Lawley, Milktooth Coffee Perth, Uncle Joe’s Perth, Lot 20 Northbridge, Adler & Co East Freo, The General Sherman Murdoch plus a whole lot more. Check Instagram for daily location updates.

Regional nomination

Toodyay Bakery
The Toodyay Bakery’s salted caramel doughnuts must be tried to be believed. Unlike other salted caramel doughnuts that often include a thick, rich dollop of straight salted caramel, Toodyay Bakery’s offering comes filled – and we do mean filled – with a delicious salted caramel custard. It’s light, sweet, and salty all at the same time – and the doughnut is absolutely packed full of it.
Tip: The pies here are pretty darn special too.

Find them at:
123 Stirling Terrace, Toodyay

Honourable mention

Look, technically this one isn’t a doughnut outlet as such, but Babooshka’s freak shakes pay homage to the noble doughnut in such a way that we thought it would be remiss of us to not mention them. The “triple donut, whizz fizz and fairy floss” shake is a sight to be seen – but as the name suggests, it is not for the faint-hearted.

Find them at:
7/189 William Street, Northbridge (next to Ezra Pound)