REVIEW: Pink kicks off Australian tour in spectacular fashion at Perth Arena

Pink carves it up at Perth Arena. Photos: Kelly Pilgrim-Byrne
Pink carves it up at Perth Arena. Photos: Kelly Pilgrim-Byrne

THE Pink experience.

I’d heard so many great things but never seen it for myself.

I went in expecting something big.

And the show definitely delivered.

The 38-year-old, less commonly known as Alecia Moore, kicked off the Australian leg of her Beautiful Trauma World Tour last night playing to a packed Perth Arena.

Entering in the only way you would expect, the pink curtains dropped to reveal the songstress in a sparkling black jumpsuit dangling from a suspended chandelier.

Photos: Kelly Pilgrim-Byrne

Singing her 2001 hit Get The Party Started, she did just that – complete with fireworks and confetti in the opening minutes.

After twisting and twirling her way through the opening number, she took to the microphone stand at the front of the stage for Beautiful Trauma.

Photos: Kelly Pilgrim-Byrne

But she didn’t stay there long before heading back to join the theatrics.

Disappearing for just a moment, she had her first of many costume changes for Just Like A Pill and the start of what can only be described as the right balance of crowd interaction – getting down to touch the hands of the fans lucky enough to be in the Wild Hearts and waving to all corners of the arena.

“Hello, thanks for bringing me back here. My cheeks are going to hurt from smiling,” she said before launching into the next hit Who Knew.

Photos: Kelly Pilgrim-Byrne

The audience was then welcomed to Revenge Land as the show moved to a more urban feel with Revenge, complete with a giant inflatable Eminem on stage.

Next came Funhouse which she mashed up with a cover of No Doubt’s Just A Girl.

“Feel free to lose your minds for the next four minutes,” she said before a surprising cover of Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit.

Photos: Kelly Pilgrim-Byrne

Another costume change and Pink was back up in the air showing off her aerial rope skills for Secrets.

The theatrics continued with Try, Just Give Me A Reason and I’m Not Dead before things heated up for Just Like Fire.

Montages of old interviews spreading the “girl power” message, promoting marriage equality and showing support for the #metoo campaign then set the stage for a powerful performance of What About Us and For Now.

Photos: Kelly Pilgrim-Byrne

Taking a quick break to chat to the audience and sign a couple of autographs, Pink thanked everyone again, especially for the Tim Tams.

“I’ve been waiting,” she said.

“Tim Tams in the bathtub, that’s what I’m doing later.”

She then took to a stool to slow things down a little with Barbies but the tempo picked straight back up for I Am Here and F***in’ Perfect.

Photos: Kelly Pilgrim-Byrne

“I told you my cheeks were going to hurt from smiling. They now officially hurt,” she said.

Raise Your Glass raised the roof again, with a brief appearance from Pink’s seven-year-old daughter Willow.

The circus-like performances continued with more breathtaking aerial stunts before Blow Me (One Last Kiss) ended with more confetti canons.

Photos: Kelly Pilgrim-Byrne

Disappearing for another costume change, she returned wanting to “see everybody”.

Hooked up to ceiling ropes, she flew around the arena for her most spectacular stunt yet, reaching even the highest seats, to perform her 2008 hit So What.

Grounding for one last costume change, she returned to slow things right down for her final number Glitter In The Air.

Photos: Kelly Pilgrim-Byrne

Last night was the first of four shows in Perth and 35 in Australia.

And if each two-hour show is as impressive and full of energy as this was, it’s little wonder she is in high demand.

Photos: Kelly Pilgrim-Byrne

Pink plays again at Perth Arena tonight and Friday and Saturday night.

Limited tickets still available at

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