Bishop at the bar

Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop pours a cold one. Picture: Caitlin Tiller
Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop pours a cold one. Picture: Caitlin Tiller

The Foreign Affairs Minister took questions from 150 Perth residents, who could have a drink and ask a question at the Paddington Ale House last Wednesday.

�I have previously held a campaign launch at the Paddington Ale House � it has been a local institution in Mt Hawthorn for decades,� Ms Bishop said.

The Federal deputy Liberal leader answered more than a dozen queries, including concerns about nuclear proliferation between the US and Iran, women in senior positions and Australia�s involvement in US military action in Syria.

�Very rarely do you get opportunities for people to just come along and ask questions,� Ms Bishop said.

Moments of laughter punctuated the hour-long question time, which Ms Bishop said was a �great opportunity�.

6PR radio presenter Gary Adshead raised a front-page article in The Age newspaper about Andrew Hastie, Liberal candidate for the seat of Canning.

Ms Bishop defended the former Special Air Services (SAS) officer, saying he conducted himself with honesty and integrity.

�I was furious about the article � it brought into question his fitness to be in the SAS and in Parliament. The sad thing is, you put yourself up for office in Australia and it seems it�s fair game,� she said.

On renewable energy, Ms Bishop described wind farms as �unattractive� and said she wished they were �not so big and obvious�.

Addressing concerns about WA�s post-resource boom, Ms Bishop said it would not be the end of mining and resources.

�One of our policies we�ll start to see roll out is development in northern Australia, which is getting enormous interest across the world and that�s across WA, the Northern Territory and Queensland,� she said.

�What the Federal Government must do is ensure Australia is an attractive destination for major investment, because without foreign investment we don�t have the economic growth and the standard of living to which we are accustomed.�

Ms Bishop said she would host other events in the Curtin electorate.