Bloody tissue helps police track down alleged copper wire thief

BLOOD on a dropped tissue led police to track down an alleged copper wire thief.

The man Orelia man (50) was on bail when he allegedly went to strip copper wire from the rear of a nightclub in East Perth.

“The tissue had blood, so we were able to get a DNA sample and track him down,” Senior Sergeant Craig Davis said.

Scrap copper prices are currently about $5/kg, in part due to its international trading price increasing 20 per cent since May.

Increased unemployment is also causing some to seek illegal income stealing metal in Perth.

It will be alleged three men in East Perth had bolt cutters, pliers and other house-breaking tools when they were disturbed by a man at the back of Shape nightclub on Hay Street about 4pm on October 18.

“The victim tried to escort the man out, they struggled, the alleged thief dropped his shirt and the tissue,” Sgt Davis said.

The man and his two accomplices ran, and police will allege they found the tools and a handheld light later at the site.

Sgt Davis said the DNA was linked to a man in bail who had to report daily to southern suburbs police.

“So we were waiting for him when we picked him up at that station last Tuesday,” Sgt Davis said.

The man was charged with stealing and burglary, before he was bailed to face the charges and eight others relating to other alleged offences in the past.

He will appear in court on November 1.

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