Charles Street Proposal Approved

A bus bridge will connect the new City Busport to Charles Street.
A bus bridge will connect the new City Busport to Charles Street.

AFTER a confidential briefing with the City of Vincent in September, Main Roads WA is pushing ahead with its bus bridge proposal.

The proposal will include major changes to Charles Street in conjunction with the new underground City Busport to be completed this year.

Dedicated bus lanes would be constructed on Charles Street from Violet to Newcastle streets and a new bus bridge would be constructed south of Newcastle Street over the Mitchell Freeway to the Busport.

Councillor Joshua Topelberg said the changes would result in the removal of bus stops, which could lead to longer walks for some residents.

“I accept that it’s their road and they’ll do what they want but I’m not overly happy about it,” Cr Topelberg said.

Mayor John Carey said the Government had the power to go ahead with the proposal regardless of council approval.

“The Government is very clear that it is going to do this so we need to get the best deal for residents,” Mr Carey said.

“They are going to push it through, so putting forward this package is the best deal.”

Councillors approved the proposal at the City’s December 8 meeting with a request that Main Roads WA fund $170,000 in traffic management works in the Cleaver Precinct in West Perth.

Cleaver Precinct residents will be consulted on the traffic management proposal and the responses will be presented to council in a report.

The proposal will remove buses from Carr Street and a portion of Fitzgerald Street.

A contract for the work is expected to be awarded in February with construction scheduled to start in May.