Bright future for laneways

Mt Lawley artist Mel McVee of the Laneway Collective.
Mt Lawley artist Mel McVee of the Laneway Collective.

McVee and David McLoughlin started the Laneway Collective to get artists and community members together to enliven laneways with street murals.

‘Lots of people will come to see art in laneways and it gives the space some distinction and an ownership of laneways,’ McVee said.

She said the idea came about after she painted a mural on the rear fence in Grosvenor Street Laneway.

A syringe disposal box marks the start of the laneway and flowers placed towards the end act as a tribute to a young man who overdosed more than a decade ago. In the middle is McVee’s bright artwork, acting as an example of what could be done for the rest of the laneways or in other such underused spaces.

‘Art gives people a reason to come here,’ she said.

‘We want the community to be on board from the start because that way we will get a better response.

‘It’s not just about creating artist areas, it’s getting the community to be involved and taking pride in the place where they live.’

McVee said both established and emerging Perth street artists would be involved in the Collective.

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