Burbs feel strain not gain

The initiative, part of the State’s Directions 2031 and Beyond, was introduced in an attempt to promote growth in Perth’s inner centres and transport corridors.

Rather than seeing development in suburb centres, Cr Italiano last week said the City was experiencing overcrowding in its suburbs, putting excessive pressure on infrastructure.

‘While the City of Stirling supports the State’s strategy to promote growth in Perth’s inner centres and transport corridors, the changes to the R Codes allowing more multiple dwellings is resulting in unsustainable growth in the City’s suburbs, rather than in our town and activity centres,’ Cr Italiano said.

Cr Italiano said the City would propose an amendment to the Local Planning Scheme to exclude further multiple dwelling developments on land coded below R60.

Cr Italiano said even a 10 per cent uptake of multiple dwellings below R60 would result in double the target set by the State Government.

‘This proposed amendment therefore seeks to focus multiple dwelling developments to our existing activity and town centres, where residents have better access to appropriate services, infrastructure and facilities,’ he said.

According to current statistics, the City will achieve its city-wide growth targets in the suburbs with single and group dwellings alone.