Bus lanes ‘could save lives’

Prof Newman said the $200,000 peak period lanes, to be funded by the Public Transport Authority (PTA), was just �a bit of paint on the road� but could save lives.

The City of Vincent voted unanimously to reject the State Government�s proposed bus lanes, and wrote to the PTA and Transport Minister for clarification on how long the interim measure would be necessary before MAX Light Rail was implemented.

�They should just do it (create the bus lanes),� Prof Newman said.

�If you are going to do something right now, that�s not a bad solution

�It doesn�t mean that�s the end of the road and that�s all your going to get but people�s lives are at stake.�

But Prof Newman said no amount of bus lanes would be as effective as the planned MAX light rail.

Premier Colin Barnett faced questions in State Parliament last week about his comments in last week�s Guardian Express, in which he said Vincent had given up its right to be at the centre of decision making in WA.

Opposition Leader Mark McGowan asked the Premier why Vincent residents should be excluded from decision-making on transport as payback for their opposition to local government reform.

Mr Barnett said Vincent now found itself stuck between a stronger, larger City of Perth and the City of Stirling.

He said that in his view, Vincent missed its opportunity to be at the centre of urban planning for the CBD and surrounding areas and would regret the decision to pull out of a merger with the City of Perth.

Vincent Mayor John Carey said he was disappointed the Premier did not accept the community�s aspiration for Vincent to remain.

�What is of a deeper concern is the view from both the Premier and the Transport Minister that if you don�t agree with what we say or do, then the community will be punished or disadvantaged,� Mr Carey said.

�You will not be included in decision making for not joining the City of Perth or on the bus lane mess, funding will be withdrawn.

�A key democratic principle is to govern for all, not just for those who support you.�