Call for street fest on Newcastle

Peter Hesketh owner of Sgt Peppers Vintage & Vinyl Collective
Peter Hesketh owner of Sgt Peppers Vintage & Vinyl Collective

Mr Hesketh said a street event would be ideal during the Fringe World Festival next year.

‘The City of Perth is getting proactive with its street festivals, it’s fantastic,’ he said.

‘The focus has changed here because there is a more sophisticated audience that are looking for interesting, quirky items and industrial stuff.’

Sgt Peppers Vintage and Vinyl Collective is among a few vintage shops on Newcastle Street.

‘The location has been brilliant, there’s lots of traffic, especially in the mornings,’ Mr Hesketh said.

Perth Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi said the City did not have any specific plans for a street festival in Newcastle Street but had a history of supporting community initiatives.

‘We do encourage sponsorship applications from the community to deliver community-based events and this could be an option for an event in Newcastle Street if the community are behind it,’ she said.

‘The City actively supports the Northbridge precinct through extensive marketing and events programs under our Perth City Get to Know Me campaign.’

Mr Hesketh, an avid collector, opened a pop up shop in William Street for four months before committing to a permanent space in October last year.

Sgt Peppers Vintage and Vinyl Collective sells records, including Jim Hendrix and Fleetwood Mac, as well as record players, old tool benches, lamps, books and clothes.

‘Record players are very rare but people love them,’ Mr Hesketh said.

‘I source stuff from all over the world.’

There are some items in Mr Hesketh’s collection that he will not part with.

‘I have a Beatles collection that I won’t sell because it’s all the first press from the UK collection,’ he said.