Calling Northbridge, MA

Calling Northbridge, MA

User Aisakura7 of, who claims to work for the town of Northbridge in Massachusetts, said dispatch had been getting non-stop calls for the past two weeks about incidents happening in Northbridge WA.

�After we don’t recognize the street they are mentioning, they then proceed to tell them how expensive this phone call will be,� the user said.

�Sure enough, if you google, �Northbridge� the first thing that comes up is my town, Northbridge MA, in the US.

�People must be googling the police phone number and dialling ours.�

Sergeant David Ball said Northbridge�s local policing team information was easily accessible at the WA Police website. �Basically, it clearly states Northbridge MA when googled, MA being I guess Massachusetts, so perhaps people are just misreading Google when they put in Northbridge Police,� Sgt Ball said.

�If they require assistance from police in Northbridge WA, go to the WA police website where they can obtain a mobile phone number for the local policing team.� For more information visit