Cash to create a cultural buzz

The City of Vincent council has authorised the Mt Hawthorn Hub spend $16,500 on street tree planting, bicycle parking, updating Google Maps, adding stencilled pavement signage and paying street performers.

A report to council says the initiatives aim to bring immediate benefit to the area, using money re-allocated from the Up Late in Mt Hawthorn event.

Flinders Street has been identified as a priority for street trees with 11 peppermint gums to be planted on its eastern side.

Bicycle parking will be added near the Ladder Caf´┐Ż, Casa Bianchi and in front of The Cabin.

Stencilled signage on the pavement in Mt Hawthorn will be added to direct pedestrians to Axford Park, Braithwaite Park, Menzies Park, Glendalough train station, North Perth Town Centre and The Mezz.

A $3000 fund for street performers has been approved, in order to attract buskers to the area.

‘In order to spark a cultural change of street performance, it is recommended that a fund be created where local and renowned performers can perform for a small fee,’ the report says. ‘Once the fund is exhausted, street performers will need to play without financial assistance.’

The Hub will also investigate and update Google Maps to identify key destinations within the town centre to help attract more people to the area.