Charities feel the pinch

Volunteer donation collector for St Vinnies Tom Fisher.
Volunteer donation collector for St Vinnies Tom Fisher.

Vinnies held its annual Street Appeal on Friday, September 12 in the Perth CBD and outer suburbs.

The charity is still counting donations from the Street Appeal but expects to raise just over $50,000 from the combined suburbs ” less than the $56,000 raised in 2013.

Mr Fitzpatrick said the high cost of living and increases in the cost of utilities meant the charity was experiencing a higher number of people struggling financially.

‘There is no doubt that the tough economic climate is making it harder for charities in attracting donors and donation,’ he said.

‘People are being more selective with their donations and their charities, so organisations are having to work harder for their donations, whether they be donations of money or goods.’

Mr Fitzpatrick said Vinnies relied on donations from the public as it only received 14 per cent of its funding from the State Government.

He said the help from volunteers like 93-year-old Tom Fisher during the Street Appeal was the reason they could help so many West Australians each year.

‘The talent, dedication and compassion of Tom Fisher and all of our volunteers is absolutely outstanding,’ Mr Fitzpatrick said.

‘Volunteers like Tom Fisher are the cornerstone of our organisation ” without them we simply would not be able to operate.’