City knocks back Vincent

Perth chief executive Gary Stevenson said it was premature to form a Local Implementation Committee (LIC) with a neighbouring council because the reform process conducted by the advisory board could yield different outcomes.

‘You create a LIC before you really know who your partners are,’ Mr Stevenson said.

‘We have our own proposal before the Local Government Advisory Board, we also have conflicting proposals by the City of Vincent and others, and even as recent as a few weeks ago a new conflicting proposal to merge the City of Subiaco with the City of Perth.’

Vincent Mayor John Carey said it was very disappointing Perth rejected the City’s offer because it was one of the few local governments to not form a LIC.

LICS formed so far include Mundaring/Swan, Bayswater/Bassendean, Gosnells/Canning, Victoria Park/South Perth, Kwinana /Melville/Fremantle, Arma-dale/Murray/Serpentine-Jarrahdale and Kalamunda/Belmont.

‘They’re effectively snubbing the minister,’ Mr Carey said. ‘The process is very difficult because we don’t know what’s happening with mergers, but at the same time the minister has made it very clear to all local governments to begin the process and begin the committees. For not a lot of energy and resources, it doesn’t hurt in case we do go down that path.’

Mr Stevenson advised Perth continue to communicate with its neighbours and form a LIC when boundary changes were known.