City of Perth alfresco survey ‘a farce’, says Perth MLA

City of Perth alfresco survey ‘a farce’, says Perth MLA

THE City of Perth’s alfresco dining survey has come under fire, with suggestions the questionnaire is designed to push participants away from advocating free alfresco dining licences.

City of Perth councillor Reece Harley, who moved for the abolition of the fees at the most recent council meeting, noted on social media that the survey “doesn’t give respondents an option to say they want the fee abolished”.

He included a screen shot of options under the question “what sort of fee structure do you think is appropriate?”: an annual fee based on the number of seats, a fee based on the size of the area, a flat fee, a fee based on an independent commercial valuation, and fees based on geographical location.

“No fee” was not an option.

Perth MLA John Carey said the survey was a “farce”.

A spokeswoman for the City of Perth said “survey respondents may select ‘Other’ to incorporate suggestions or feedback not provided in the existing options, including for no fees”.

She said it was not possible to provide an interim report on the survey results, as the “results continue to change daily”.

“Further information may be released once the survey is closed and all results have been compiled,” she said.

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