City of Perth backs state-wide plastic bag ban

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THE City of Perth is backing a state-wide ban on plastic bags.

Councillors agreed at the August 1 ordinary meeting for chief executive Martin Mileham to write to Environment Minister Stephen Dawson to advocated for a state-wide prohibition.

A survey of businesses held by the City of Perth found a majority of owners supported a state-wide ban but not local law prohibition, believing that the latter could negatively impact trade.

The Cities of Stirling, Rockingham, Canning and Joondalup earlier this year began investigating the feasibility of implementing a local law to ban plastic bags.

Neighbouring local government City of Vincent council in May supported in-principle a state-wide ban and has notified the Environment and Local Government ministers.

The City of Perth held off on developing a $50,000 community education and awareness program on plastic bags until after a formalised position on a state-wide ban was reached by the Australian Local Government Association, WA Local Government Association and relevant ministers.

The campaign could have included information sessions, posters and flyers, social media posts ad competitions.

Curtin University sustainability professor Peter Newman said the community needed to “get rid of plastic”.

“Plastic bags are clogging up our oceans and harming fish, turtles, sharks and everything that moves in the ocean,” he said.

Single-use plastic bag bans already exist in South Australia, the ACT and the NT.