City of Perth commissioners investigating withholding allowances for suspended councillors

CITY of Perth commissioners are still seeking legal advice on whether to halt allowances paid to suspended councillors.

The three commissioners – Eric Lumsden, Andrew Hammond and Gaye McMath – had their first meeting on Thursday night since Local Government Minister David Templeman suspended all councillors.

The 15-minute meeting marked the eighth day the commissioners had been in their roles.

Mr Lumsden started the meeting by addressing the allowances issue.

“The reason it (allowances) is not on the agenda is because we are still seeking legal advice on those matters,” Mr Lumsden said.

“When that’s forthcoming we will consider the matter in an appropriate way at a forthcoming meeting.”

The Guardian Express can confirm that at least one councillor has asked not to be paid.

Thursday’s meeting addressed a new meeting cycle and the commissioners were appointed to committees and working groups in the councillors’ absence.

When one resident in the gallery asked which commissioner to contact with concerns now that elected members were not there to represent ratepayers, Mr Lumsden said it was still to be determined.

He suggested ratepayers contact City staff or submit a deputation.