City of Perth councillor says council’s fight against A-fram signs damages some businesses

THE CITY of Perth’s fight against A-frame signs is damaging laneway-based businesses, councillor Reece Harley warned council last week.

While council discussed the City’s review and amendment of Perth’s thoroughfare and public places local law, Cr Harley pushed for greater flexibility on signs.

“I know A-frames are not loved in the City but there are some particular instances in lane ways where businesses do not have street frontage and don’t have a lot of exposure. Some of these businesses are secreted away,” he said.

Council voted that same evening to adopt reforms to the City Planning Scheme No. 2 signs policy, which did not include a change to the blanket-ban on A-frame signs.

“I am hopeful officers of the City will be allowed greater discretion to approve particular A-frame signs,” said Cr Harley.

“We are able to approve an alfresco license in a laneway but not an A-frame… our policy does not allow any A-frame in any City of Perth laneway.”