City of Perth rejects drop to alfresco dining licenses

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A MOVE to drop the City of Perth’s fees on alfresco dining licenses was defeated at last week’s council meeting.

Councillor Reece Harley moved an amendment to the City’s fees and charges to allow business owners to hold an alfresco dining license without paying for it.

“The policy says if you have more tables and chairs out front, we charge you more for it,” he said.

“It is effectively taxing activation of the street.”

Cr Judy McEvoy said she did not agree with taking the fees off alfresco.

Cr Jim Adamos argued the fee was not a tax on activation.

“As a small business owner I was happy to pay… such a small amount,” he said.

Deputy Lord Mayor James Limnios supported the change.

“Cr Adamos mentioned that in the current economic situation we should look at all the savings we can make,” Cr Limnios said.

“Have you asked the small businesspeople about the costs they need to reduce?

“We need to support them and bring more people in to the city.”

Cr Janet Davidson said she was against dropping the fees, and voted to defeat the proposal, which was supported by councillors Harley, Limnios and Jemma Green.

The City is currently running “a comprehensive survey of stakeholders” including current alfresco permit holders, business, residents, city workers and visitors as to the current usage of alfresco dining areas within the City “and ideas to improve the provision of alfresco dining in the future”.

The survey is online at

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