City of Perth to consider sponsoring events outside city

City of Perth to consider sponsoring events outside city

EVENT sponsorship was a hot topic, with the council enthusiastically debating the merits of sponsoring events that benefit the greater metropolitan area more than the City of Perth’s specific patch.

While discussing the Event Agency’s Arcadia Australia event – which Council voted to sponsor – the Lord Mayor expressed concern about events “double dipping” for sponsorship.

“It is a legitimate concern for us… We are not an endless money pit. We represent the ratepayers not the taxpayers,” she said.

“We have to ask whether we are going to support something that benefits everyone in the greater metropolitan area; not just specifically the City of Perth residents and ratepayers.”

Councillor Reece Harley and chief executive Martin Mileham discussed the City’s stance on sponsoring events that charge for ticket entry, with Mr Mileham saying while nothing in the rules prohibited it each case would be assessed on merit.

“If there was a U2 concert at Elizabeth Quay and they were charging $250 a ticket obviously we wouldn’t sponsor that,” he said, adding that some commercially-orientated events were sponsored by the City to give it “some leverage to get a benefit flowing to the ratepayers”.