City of Vincent council meetings could be streamed live online

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CITY of Vincent council meetings could be streamed live online.

Emma Cole presided over her first briefing session as mayor on Tuesday with an amended Recording and Web Streaming Policy on the agenda.

The City already makes audio recordings of council meetings, which are available to the public for $31, but proposes to stream them online via its website.

Under the new policy, it would not live stream public question time or deputations, the stream will only be available for the duration of the meeting and “all efforts will be made to avoid filming members of the public”.

One condition included is that the Presiding Member may decide to cease web streaming at any time.

A resident said he was confused by the amendment and brought a prop to illustrate a point.

“Will it be audio and visual or just audio and why will it not be available at other times?” he said.

“It’s not good enough.”

Holding a cassette tape, he asked another question.

“If I want a copy of the audio, do I get a discount if I bring my own cassette?” he said.

“I think the policy should be reviewed.”

Ms Cole praised the man for his use of props during question time.

The council will decide on the amendment at its March 7 general meeting.