City of Vincent welcomes move from Bayswater and Freo councils to back marriage equality

City of Vincent welcomes move from Bayswater and Freo councils to back marriage equality

FIVE years after City of Vincent officially supported marriage equality, two more Perth councils have followed suit.

Bayswater and Fremantle councils this week voted to lobby the Federal Government in support of marriage equality.

Vincent made WA history in December 2012 under former Mayor Alannah MacTiernan with the establishment of the state’s first Relationship Declaration Register, which provides gay and straight couples with a formal recognition of their relationship.

Then at the November 18, 2014 meeting, Vincent council formally adopted its own Marriage Equality Proclamation.

Mayor Emma Cole welcomed the step forward by Fremantle and Bayswater.

“Naturally, we’re really pleased to hear of other WA councils making this move now,” she said.

“As a council, we have long believed it’s time for legislation to provide for marriage equality.

“Vincent is also an ongoing sponsor of Pride WA and its festivals and events each year.

“We’re committed to celebrating and enhancing our diverse community, and respecting the rights of everyone.”

Bayswater councillor Catherine Ehrhardt, who put the motion forward, said it was council’s role to provide leadership and guidance to the community according to the Local Government Act.

Her motion got full support from Mayor Barry McKenna, however Cr Brent Fleeton was against it.

“I don’t believe councils are here to push an agenda on a national stage… if this goes through, what’s stopping the medical marijuana lobby rocking up and asking us to take a position on that,” he said.

“This has been done on the sly and you are not treating this local government with respect.”

Federal Perth MHR Tim Hammond and Maylands MLA Lisa Baker threw their support behind council’s approval of marriage equality during public question time.