City ready to rise to Challenge

The team of data and communication experts from IBM announced their recommendations at a briefing last Friday after spending three weeks in Perth investigating how the City could integrate its data systems and become a smarter city.

Recommendations included employing a social media liaison officer, a chief data officer and an organisational and cultural change leader.

The team will spend the next two months compiling a final report and recommendations on the City’s challenge. Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi said Perth was a young city but willing to learn.

‘We are fully onboard with the recommendations,’ Ms Scaffidi said.

‘We must create a more dynamic communication loop with ratepayers and the public so that we hear what people want, respond and lead advancements to make our city more dynamic, connected and vital.

‘Good communication is essential.

‘It has been a most valuable exercise having this expert team, with fresh sets of eyes, examining what exists now and how best to adapt and innovate for the future.’