City signs up to LED idea

The sign was recommended for refusal because it did not comply with the City Planning Scheme, which states that new technology signs are only permitted in the City Centre.

The planning committee report said the sign exceeded the size permitted in the area of West Perth and was inappropriately located, as it should be displayed in a plaza or public place where more people can see it.

Deputy Lord Mayor Rob Butler proposed an alternative motion to approve the sign. Cr Butler said it was not important that the sign did not fit into the Planning Scheme because he felt the policy was currently in ‘limbo’.

‘Why wouldn’t we try and add some colour?’ he asked. ‘Why wouldn’t we try and add some vibrancy?

‘I don’t believe it will be a hazard to traffic.’

Cr Reece Harley said he was not in favour of approving the sign.

‘It’s not my idea of vibrancy,’ Cr Harley said.

Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi said it was not her idea of vibrancy either but she was in favour of approving it.

‘As it is facing Thomas Street, I don’t have a problem with it,’ Ms Scaffidi said.

The application stated that the sign would display third party advertising for healthcare, banking and communication.

The application originally sought permission to display animated images but will now only display static images.