City-wide slowdown considered

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Aranmore Catholic College principal Declan Tanham said while he was not aware of any accidents involving students on Oxford Street, reducing speed on the street was a preventative measure.

�It just makes good sense,� Mr Tanham said. �I don�t know why it isn�t already.

�There are a lot of people and children that walk through that area.�

Aranmore Catholic Primary School principal Margaret Williamson supports the speed change and will be requesting that Main Roads WA reinstates a traffic controller on the street.

�There are a lot of children crossing; I definitely think Oxford Street should be reduced to 40km/h,� Mrs Williamson said.

�I can�t remember the last time we had a traffic controller.

�We will do a count of cars and children on the road, submit it to Main Roads and then they will send someone out to do an official count.�

Mayor John Carey will present a late motion to Vincent Council tonight to canvass residents� opinions on reducing the speed limit on all Vincent roads to 40km/h.

�Every week I�m being approached by residents about speeding on our streets and I�m constantly getting requests for speed humps,� Mr Carey said.

�We are in a unique position as a major corridor into the city; we could reduce the speed of all of our roads to 40km/h.

�People may say it seems like an impossible task and perhaps I�m just an optimist but that�s what they said about bike aths.�

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