City will act in residents’ interest

Her comments came as the City of Perth Act was introduced to Parliament last week. If supported, the City would have more than 1000 residents, drawn from sections of Nedlands and Subiaco councils, as well as the University of WA, QEII Medical Centre and Kings Park.

�We respect their loyalty to their local government but we will certainly be there for them with lower rates and high quality services,� Ms Scaffidi said.

Subiaco Mayor Heather Henderson said it was not all about institution and services.

�Our concern is for the residents and their sense of community and belonging, which once lost cannot be regained,� she said.

�These residents have been a strong part of the Subiaco community for more than 100 years and the results of the residents� survey are resounding; Subiaco is where they want to stay.�

A survey titled Hands off Subiaco – City of Perth Takeover found that 97 per cent of 140 Subiaco south ward residents opposed being included in the Act.

Ms Henderson said she would be urging Parliament to closely scrutinise the Act and for it to be amended, allowing Subiaco to retain its residential parts south of Aberdare Road.

�This is a forced boundary adjustment without the promised consultation or the right to a poll,� Ms Henderson said.

Local Government Minister Tony Simpson said it was time for the river front councils to move on.

�Under current legislation, if you dissolve more than two districts, they are entitled to a poll,� he said. �As this is a boundary adjustment, there will be no poll.�