City’s vision of the future

Council endorsed the City vision, corporate business, long term financial, asset management and workforce plans at a special council meeting last week outlining its future targets.

The City vision plans were developed out of community engagement sessions and from the 2008 strategic planning framework.

It is a vision statement for creating an accessible city, ‘alive with urban green networks that are safe and vibrant. As a global city, there is a diverse culture that attracts visitors. It provides city living at its best. Local and global businesses thrive here. Perth honours its past, while creating a sustainable future.’

Workshops were held in April and May this year based on five keys themes; Perth as a capital city, transport, living, healthy and active, and Perth at night. Developing a capable and responsive organisation are targets the City will work towards for 2029.

Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi said the community engagement sessions showed the City and ratepayers had similar goals.

‘At the core of this plan is the unique role of Perth as a capital city and balancing all aspects and activities together to achieve this,’ she said.