Community group disappointed with scope of City of Vincent’s 40kmh trial

Community group disappointed with scope of City of Vincent’s 40kmh trial

THE community group that inspired City of Vincent’s 40km/h trial has expressed disappointment in the scope.

Geraldine Box and Andrew Main from Our Streets at 40 have been campaigning to slow cars down within the municipality and have gained support from Perth MLA John Carey and Road Safety Minister Michelle Roberts.

Vincent recently announced it would consult with residents in July on capping the speed limit at 40kph on residential streets in the southern end of the municipality between Newcastle and Vincent streets.

But Our Streets at 40 members hoped to see the trial rolled out across all of Vincent, according to a post on its Facebook page today.

“Our Streets at 40 are disappointed that this trial will not cover the whole of Vincent as we believe that many of the streets to the North of Vincent Street are long, straight and are used by many vehicles cutting through,” the post read.

“Our Streets at 40 does not believe that speed humps are the best option for lowering speed of drivers.

“Other options require planning and consideration such as street narrowing, and off-set slow points and even street closures.”

Vincent Mayor Emma Cole revealed over the weekend consultation would cost $13,000 and the trial, if it goes ahead, would cost $150,000, mainly due to signage.

She said it sought financial assistance from Main Roads, but would go ahead with the plan if it did not receive it.