Constance Hall: why the blog Queen is passionate about the Big Pram Walk

Constance Hall will be at the Big Pram Walk on Sunday.
Constance Hall will be at the Big Pram Walk on Sunday.

IT’s Constance Hall’s ability to tell the painful truth that has won her legions of devoted followers.

The Fremantle blogger, whose Facebook page has more than a million likes, writes about parenthood and relationships, warts and all.

Her honesty has struck a chord with people the world over.

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This Sunday she will be in Elizabeth Quay to take part in the Big Pram Walk, an event designed to raise money for and awareness of perinatal depression.

Perinatal is a term coined for depression and anxiety in women between conception until the baby is 12 months old, and encompasses both antenatal (during pregnancy) and postnatal (after the birth) depression.

One in seven women will suffer from perinatal depression and/or anxiety.

Ms Hall said she felt incredibly anxious.

“I was never on the verge of committing suicide, but I was so scared of death and it was all directed in the wrong place,” she said in a video posted to her Facebook page.


Ms Hall said the community feel of the Big Pram Walk made it the perfect environment, and she encouraged both men and women to get along for the cause.

“Women can feel really overwhelmed,” she said.

“I felt like the more people I could see,that were going through stuff and suffering, to me it not just normalises it but it makes it ok.

“That’s what I like about the Big Pram Walk.

“It’s not just for women, it’s not just for sufferers, it’s for the community to put up their hands and say I really give a shit.”

The Big Pram Walk carnival gets underway at 8am on Sunday

There will be the option of a 1km or 3.5km walk on the day, beginning at 9am.

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