Controlled burns for Kings Park

A CONTROLLED burn will take place at Kings Park tomorrow.

The burn over 6ha in the south west corner of the park is part of a scientific research project and will be completed by Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority (BGPA) staff with the Department of Parks and Wildlife and Fire and Emergency Services.

The research will be led by BGPA fire ecologist Ben Miller to test bushland management methods that provide good weed control, do not affect biodiversity and make the park safer.

The location has been chosen to minimise the impact on park visitors and nearby neighbours.

Roads surrounding Kings Park may be affected by smoke.

Residents and businesses close to Kings Park are encouraged to keep in touch and follow the advice provided at or on the Kings Park and Botanic Garden Facebook page.

A controlled burn is also being planned for Bold Park subject to the right weather conditions.

��������The last managed burn was conducted 30 years ago.

��������The controlled fire will help research by testing the effects of controlled burns on weed control, biodiversity and managing bushfire risk.

��������The fires are one part of the wider research project and will be monitored before, after and during the burns begin.

��������To ensure the fire won�t get out of control there will be 15 fire trucks on standby.