Council considers Beaufort St buses

A report to council recommends approving the Public Transport Authority (PTA) plan, which will feature bus lanes on the south side of the road from Clarence Street to Newcastle Street and on the north side of the road from Newcastle Street to Walcott Street during peak hours.

Bus lanes already operate in the City of Perth and City of Stirling sections of the road.

Previously, Vincent council had opposed the construction of peak period bus lanes, concerned that the lanes would eventually operate 24 hours a day.

But the report to council said the PTA had outlined that this was not their intention.

‘It is now acknowledged by all that Perth’s congestion problem is increasing and that urgent measures are required to try and reduce the number of driver-only vehicles on the roads during peak periods,’ it says.

Mayor John Carey said he was concerned that the bus lanes and extending clearways would make the street a thoroughfare and reduce its appeal to pedestrians.

‘I am a strong supporter of local transport and my preference is for light rail to go down one of the major arteries, either Fitzgerald or Beaufort Street,’ he said. ‘Bus lanes are the cheaper option and may be effective, but light rail would be more effective.’

Council will decide tonight.